News - October 8th 2010

Well we finally have news!

Our first ever digital only release is coming out next month. It contains both the 'Terminate With Extreme Prejudice' and 'Rocl n Roll Tyranny' EPs recorded in 2002 and 2004 respectively and is entitled 'Victories and Defeats - The First Two EPs'. It'll be out worldwide via all good digital retailers!

News - August 10th 2010

Well its been almost a year since a website update, and I promise it won't be another one.

We have no gigs planned at the moment and plan to use the next few months finishing the songs for the new album due early 2011 on Cider City Records.

News - September 6th 2009

We're still alive...for anyone who was there, our tour with the Lonely Kings went a bit tits up but we made it home OK! We had a bunch of gigs recently, some good....some, not so good. Last night we played at the Crown in Bristol with The Hunchbacks and Officer Down...despite all the setbacks that befell us it was an awesome night.

We're currently still writing for album #2 that will be out in 2010. In the meantime check our 'gigs' page


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